Apex Legends Mobile grosses $5 million in first week, a third of Call of Duty Mobile

According to Sensor Tower statistics, Apex Legends Mobile attracted nearly $4.8 million in the first week of its launch (App Store and Google Play only), which is the first week of the release of Call of Duty Mobile (October 2019) one-third ($14.8 million).

Developed by a dedicated team at Respawn in conjunction with Tencent’s Photon Studio Group (the team behind PUBG Mobile), Apex Legends Mobile launches on May 17 on iOS and Android devices. The mobile game, like the console and PC versions of Apex Legends, is a free-to-play game, excluding paid content that provides an advantage to the game, with only a premium battle pass and an in-game beauty/skin store.

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According to statistics, the United States is the country with the most krypton money for “Apex Heroes Mobile Games” players, accounting for 44% ($2.1 million) of total revenue, followed by Japan and Thailand. According to Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile generated about $600,000 in revenue within 7 days of launching its in-app purchase system in April 2018, while Call of Duty Mobile generated revenue in the first week after its October 2019 release. $14.8 million in revenue.

According to Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile have now reached over $8 billion and over $1.5 billion in lifetime revenue, respectively. Sensor Tower data shows that “Apex Heroes Mobile Games” was the most downloaded iPhone game in 60 countries/regions on May 17, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, India and Germany.

It is reported that the United States has the highest number of installations in the world in the first week, followed by India and Brazil. Analysts believe that the new Apex Legends is expected to go head-to-head with Call of Duty Warzone soon, just as the original Apex Legends did on console and PC.

Activision also confirmed this month that the mobile version of its battle royale game Call of Duty Warzone, code-named Project Aurora, has entered closed alpha testing and could be released later this year. Electronic Arts, publisher of Apex Legends, is also developing Battlefield, and its CEO Andrew Wilson said this month that it could be released by April 2023.

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