Google disables beta programs for YouTube Music and 4 other apps

The Google team has opened special beta programs on the Google Play Store dedicated to several of the most important applications of the Mountain View giant, dedicated to Android users eager to discover a preview of the new features coming in exchange for the willingness to try releases that are not yet definitive and, therefore, subject to any bugs, even serious ones.

The goal of these beta programs is to identify bugs and to test innovative features to evaluate the reception they receive before implementing the new features in the stable versions of the applications.

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5 beta programs closed on the Google Play Store

Among the apps for which special beta programs have been opened on the Google Play Store in recent months, there are also YouTube Music, YouTube TV, Google News, Google Clock and Google Play Books.

Well, it seems that for these five applications the Mountain View giant has decided to close its beta programs and user reports in this regard are multiplying. In particular, although on the relevant pages on the Google Play Store there is still the key to enter the beta programs of YouTube Music, YouTube TV, Google News, Google Watch and Google Play Books, users who have already joined and who decide to abandon the beta channel are no longer able to re-enter it (the system warns them that the beta program has ended).

Considering that Google has never released beta versions of these five apps, those test programs may have been made public by mistake, being instead intended exclusively for employees of the Mountain View giant. Even if that were the case, however, it is strange that the registration process remained available for such a long time. Maybe in the next few weeks, the Google team will provide details on this. We’ll see.

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