Battlefield 2042’s first season release date revealed! 3 trailers are coming

EA DICE still hasn’t given up on Battlefield 2042, and they plan to give the game a first-season update. Recently, Tom Henderson and others broke the news: the first season is planned to be officially launched on June 9, and there will be multiple trailers released on June 7!

It is reported that EA will release at least three different trailers, one of which is an overview trailer for the first season of Battlefield 2042, a trailer for Agent “Ewelina Lis”, and a trailer for the Battle Pass. , the three trailers will be released simultaneously at 11:00 pm Beijing time on June 7.

And 10 minutes after the release of the trailer, content creators (streamers, video writers, etc.) will release their comments and impressions of the first season, which will include a live demo of their trial of the first season’s content. The first season will be officially launched on June 9, but Tom Henderson said that this time point has yet to be confirmed.

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