Google Contacts, Chromecast with Google TV and Google Fit: Here are the latest news

Among the various Google products that have received news in the past few hours we find Google Chromecast with Google TV, Google Fit and Google Contacts.

Comes a new screensaver for Chromecast with Google TV

In the past few hours on Google Chromecast with Google TV has landed the new screensaver that introduces proactive personalized results (probably soon this will also happen on other products based on Google TV).

As explained by Google, the “Proactive Personalized Results” are displayed on the TV along with the classic photos of the screensaver and users will see information on the weather, videos, music, sports scores and news, all according to their respective interests.

In the coming weeks, this feature should be enriched with additional content.

Google Contacts changes the color of the cards

With the latest available version of Google Contacts comes a new interface for personal cards based on the Material You design language. A quick glance is enough to see the differences between the old UI (left) and the new one (right):

In addition to the colors, there are some small differences regarding the subdivision of the contents, although the user experience is not revolutionized. According to what Android Police staff have learned, this new interface was probably introduced through a server-side update.

A new logo for Google Fit

A new logo was found in the Wear OS code that Google should use for Google Fit, although it is currently unclear when the replacement is planned. The new Google Fit logo remains a heart but is no longer “closed”. The red U from the previous icon now looks more like a C while the yellow part becomes a kind of tick, similar to the larger blue one just below.

Following the current Google Fit icon and the new one (created by the 9to5Google staff):

When you consider that the future of Google Fit is quite uncertain at the moment, the fact that the Google team continues to work on its new icon seems to suggest that the app will not be abandoned. We’ll see.

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