Google Pixel 6 Pro: In the summer it has new problems

Two months ago I noticed that the Pixel 6 Pro quickly reaches its limits in direct sunlight. Really very fast. Sitting at a table and typing a bit on the cell phone always made the device extremely hot and very slow very quickly. Even with the April sun, it didn’t take long before the device had to disappear back into the trouser pocket.

Pixel 6 Pro gives up quite quickly in summer

In June, the sun is much stronger and you can tell. If you can’t avoid the sun, using the Pixel 6 Pro quickly becomes a pain. If you then use apps like navigation, it’s quickly over. Others say they can barely play games like Pokemon Go because the device heats up too quickly and shuts down functions. People say the phone then cuts the cellular connection.

Sun is not good for any smartphone, but the Pixel 6 Pro is even less

As I said, the Pixel 6 Pro also overheats very quickly in my experience. Of course, it is completely normal for the devices to overheat when exposed to direct sunlight. But with some devices, the heat development is noticeable even without the sun, and the Pixel 6 Pro is sometimes one of them. At least for tasks that give the CPU and GPU a little more work.

I don’t recall any previous Pixel devices struggling so quickly in the sun and slowing down noticeably. On the other hand, the Pixel 6 Pro has a completely new SoC integrated and the display will also provide plenty of heat at full brightness. There may be better thermal management in the core of the smartphone with the Pixel 7 generation.

Curious: The very first message regarding excessive temperatures on my Pixel 6 Pro was that the camera app switched off the flash because the device temperatures were too high. “The device is too hot. The flash has been disabled.

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