Microsoft confirms that the Xbox wireless controller has been out of stock in many countries

If you’re currently looking to buy an Xbox wireless controller and can’t find it at a first-hand dealer, it’s because they’re out of stock. As discovered by VGC, players may struggle to find new controllers in-game stores in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and the US.

Xbox Wireless Controllers in any color are extremely hard to find right now, and in the US, for example, the Xbox Wireless Controller is currently available for order in a few colors on Amazon, but they won’t ship until late July or early August.

In the US, your best bet is to find one directly from Microsoft’s official online store or online Best Buy. However, with other retailers running out of stock quickly, the remaining stock in these online stores is sure to run out quickly.

Microsoft responded today, saying, “Due to supply disruptions, it may be difficult to find the Xbox Wireless Controller right now. We are working with our manufacturing and retail partners as quickly as possible to improve this situation. Please check with your local retailer for availability. “.

This means that the current market demand for the handle will exceed the supply. Although custom controllers can still be pre-ordered from the Xbox Design Lab right now.

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