Google Pixel 7 Pro: More pictures show prototypes

As if we haven’t seen enough pictures of the upcoming Pixel 7 Pro in the past few days. Apparently, there is more than just a prototype out there, however, as images of the device have now surfaced again.

Once again, new images give us a glimpse of the Pixel 7 prototype. However, there are no really new findings from the pictures. The design was already known, now we see the model from all sides.

Using boot logs, some information could be elicited from the device:

  • The Pixel 7 Pro is likely to use the Samsung S6E3HC4 display panel. The boot logs show that this panel has a resolution of 3120 x 1440 pixels.
  • The second-generation Tensor chip may still use Arm Cortex-A55 cores for its small cores. This is evident from the boot log. According to this, a CPU workaround is applied for the cortex_a55 cores.
  • The Tensor 2 will still have a 4+2+2 CPU cluster.
  • Other components mentioned in the boot logs are Cirrus Logic’s CS40l26 haptic driver IC and STMicroelectronics’ ST21NFC NFC chip.
  • The code names for the Pixel 7 (Panther) and Pixel 7 Pro (Cheetah) have been confirmed. Codenames for other boards/products have also appeared in ABL, including “cloud ripper” (dev board), “ravenclaw” (possibly Pixel 6 Pro equipped with GS201 for testing) and “Felix” (probably Pixel 7a).

The maximum brightness of the Pixel 7 Pro display was also discovered in the lines of Android code. In normal mode, the maximum brightness of the Pixel 7 Pro should be 600 nits. In HBM mode (the one the phone typically sets automatically in the sunniest environments), the maximum brightness on the Pixel 7 Pro is 1,000 nits.

It has been confirmed again that the Pixel 7 Pro display’s resolution can be scaled from QHD+ to FullHD+ and will support HLG HDR. Unfortunately, it will not reach a minimum refresh rate of 1 Hz, the rate can switch between 120 Hz peak and 10 Hz minimum frequency.

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