Android: Google now encrypts passwords directly on devices

Google improves the password features for Android devices and offers a new function for encrypting saved passwords. This is a response to the constant criticism that Google automatically loads everything into the cloud. But that hasn’t been the case for a long time.

For its own password manager, Google is introducing the new option that passwords are encrypted directly on your device. With the new option, Google makes it possible for your saved passwords to first be encrypted locally on your Android device before they end up in the Google cloud. They are therefore unreadable, even for Google.

Encryption: Local method becomes the new standard

In fact, Google is making local encryption of passwords the new standard in the long term. This can be found on the help page in a subordinate clause. This is preceded by the note that local encryption can no longer be switched off once you have activated it.

Google is doing quite a lot in the area of ​​passwords right now

Just a few days ago, Google introduced an innovation to allow us faster and easier access to the Google password manager on the Android smartphone. Before that, there was a new feature for Google Assistant for cracked passwords and of course, the announcement that new technology would greatly reduce the use of passwords in the future.

So a lot is happening and Google is making itself more and more attractive as a password tool.

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