Google Pixel Tablet: This information is new

Google won’t launch its Pixel Tablet until 2023, but more and more information about the tablet’s comeback is already emerging today. We tell you what was recently known. Unfortunately, little is known about the planned hardware.

It’s probably a device with a 10-inch display, but we don’t know the key technical data. I would say that it will be an upper middle class, but not a high-end tablet. It’s definitely more comparable to a Pixel 6 than the Pixel 6 Pro. Google hadn’t given any indication of the price range in which the Pixel Tablet would be found.

Pixel tablet probably with Chromecast technology in the docking station

The highlight is definitely the smart home feature. It can be assumed that the Pixel Tablet will be “connected” to a docking station via PINs on the back. This docking station probably has an integrated speaker and uses Chromecast technology. That’s what recent leaks about Google’s “secret” projects have suggested.

Google has already openly shown these PINs on official images but said nothing about their function. Numerous graphics and other references in the source code of current Google apps provided our current level of knowledge. The Pixel Tablet will most likely also be a smart speaker with a display – like the Nest Hub.

The camera probably comes from older Pixel smartphones

The rear camera is certainly nothing special. In the camera app from Google, it is already evident that some features such as long exposure or 4K recordings are probably not possible at all. The cameras on the Pixel Tablet will be designed for video telephony. One can only hope that Google doesn’t save too much on the quality of the cameras.

Google prepares an app for data transfer

Any indication that the Pixel Tablet will appear right after the turn of the year or even sooner? Google has already prepared an app so that you can quickly transfer your data from the Pixel phone to the Pixel tablet. That’s pretty early when the market launch is possibly more than six months away.

Here’s what we know today about the Google Pixel Tablet:

  • Display probably over 10″ in size
  • four speakers
  • Two cameras, fewer features than smartphones
  • USB-C port
  • PIN connector for a docking station
  • Docking station with speaker
  • USI stylus support
  • Android 13 ab Work
  • will not appear until 2023

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