Nothing Phone 1 has a dead pixels within the 30 seconds of usage

Like any news in the technology market, Nothing Phone (1) is being thoroughly analyzed by a community curious to discover its strengths and weaknesses. The smartphone will officially debut at the end of July, but some users have already managed to get their hands on it and have thus had the opportunity to have their say on social media.

The smartphone is generally being appreciated, but the first testimonies regarding hardware problems that would afflict the first Nothing smartphone have also appeared.

The first problems with the Nothing Phone display appear on the net (1)

Those who hang out in the tech community will almost certainly have come across the phenomenon of the so-called “green” display, a problem that can plague OLED screens. A screening technology that we also find on Nothing Phone (1) and which, apparently, would not be exempt from this type of anomaly. The tweet of the user IronHrt, who on Twitter reported several problems about his unit, is making the rounds in the media.

In addition to having encountered the infamous “green” display, his unit of Nothing Phone (1) also showed the side in the other, such as the appearance of condensation under the rear glass around the camera. A phenomenon that could depend on the thermal shock caused by the rise in temperature of the photographic module if used for a long time.

If that wasn’t enough, another problem has also appeared, namely several dead pixels around the punch-hole selfie camera. As anticipated, the “green” display is a problem unfortunately common to many manufacturers: it happened with Samsung and Apple, but also Xiaomi and OnePlus and certainly afflicts others as well. That said, it’s plausible that some early units have problems – it happens to large companies, let alone a startup.

However, seized by curiosity, I decided to investigate the situation and I noticed that among the reports on Twitter there was one from Italy, namely from Valerio M. (whom I thank for providing me with further details). According to his claims, the display problems would not be limited to just one unit.

Just take a ride on Twitter or in the Telegram Nothing Phone (1) Global group to realize that there are several failed units. According to what Valerio saw in the various Telegram groups, “ 3 units of Nothing Phone (1) out of 4 of those arrived in Italy have problems with a“ green ”display and burn-in “. Here are some examples:

At this point, Valerio (who had pre-ordered the smartphone) contacted the Nothing assistance via email, but after 3 days he has not yet received an answer; she went differently with the telephone assistance (only in English, being European and not Italian), who replied but declaring that a possible replacement would be complex, as the available units are few and the time frames are extremely long. Also according to Valerio, other users would have had similar problems with the after-sales service, with absent responses or extended timelines.

In conclusion, we would like to underline that for the moment it is still to be considered a limited problem, even if Nothing Phone (1) has been released to a small circle of users. We will have to wait for its wider dissemination to get a more complete picture of the situation. If there are any updates, from the community or the company, we will not fail to add them to this article.

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