CoolStar Releases Cheyote iOS 15 Jailbreak tool trailer

An iOS 15 jailbreak tool for the new iPhones and iPads is coming. The latest news is that the Odyssey team is working hard, and this root-free jailbreak tool may be called “Cheyote”. Interested friends, you can move to learn about jailbreak details and a list of supported iPhone models.

On the Odyssey Discord channel, CoolStar shared an updated to-do list related to the iOS 15 jailbreak feature. Based on the information and previews shared by the team before, it can be speculated that CoolStar has been able to run the Cheyote Recovery interface – including Startup Repair, Safe Mode, Telnet/SSH, and normal startup.

In a screenshot shared shortly after, CoolStar confirmed that Safe Mode is still active on iOS 15. Additionally, the list points out several completed tasks related to the upcoming iOS 15 jailbreak development:

  • Break out of the sandbox
  • Obtain root privileges
  • Gain read/write access to the filesystem (except rootFS)
  • Breakthrough AMF / code design
  • Run shell commands (bugs still exist)
  • Can run OpenSSH
  • Support traditional Odyssey boot injection
  • Add USB Ethernet debugging support
  • Support restarting user space
  • Can run Cheyote Recovery
  • After Underspace restarts, system services are enabled correctly (some bugs still exist).
  • Tune iOS 15 jailbreaks for installation testing
  • Run tuning in Springboard

Here are some of the things the jailbreak team is still working on:

  • Fix dyld hook
  • Fix the Userspace restart bug to avoid manual intervention.
  • Make sure the injection still works inside the App Store app

Finally, while the updated to-do list means a jailbreak tool for iOS 15~15.1.1 is on the way, the development team has yet to share any potential release dates.

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