App allows you to adjust the flashlight brightness on Android 13

In recent times, Android has progressed a lot. Google brings a new version of its Android every year, this year Google introduced Android 13. Although the beta version of Android 13 is currently running on Google’s Pixel devices, Google had said some time ago that they will launch Android 13 stable in August this year but this did not happen and now according to some reports, Google will launch Android 13 in September.

Apart from this, the latest news about Android 13 claims that the next-gen OS brings a new interface for the flashlight, and the first app now lets you use the new options on Google Pixel.

A new interface for Android 13 allows changing the brightness of the flashlight. This is the first app through Github to make this feature available on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6a. As I said, only from Android 13.

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