ChromeOS brings glanceable same as Pixel’s at a Glance

Google plans to bring glanceable widgets to the ChromeOS desktop which are similar to the Pixels at a Glance widget. At a Glance is a signature feature in the Pixel series phone when it’s included on the home screen. This feature users use for grocery deliveries, computer information, and air quality alerts. Now, Google plans to bring this kind of feature to Chromebooks. As per the new code say that glanceable is introduced for ChromeOS. Earlier the company designs a prototype that describes the whole picture of the glanceable.

In ChromeOS glanceable acting like a tile which is the same as the home screen on an Android phone. For glanceable ChromeOS have to align widgets to a grid. At this point, there are only two widgets displayed on-screen one is a clock and a weather tile. The weather tile is shown in the ChromeOS screen saver feature. It’s just like Android at a Glance on a large screen.

Through this feature, you can use shortcuts on desktop/laptop operating systems like Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows. In ChromeOS, from the start, we only see its desktop wallpaper now with glanceable desktop usage increases. From reference, it will take a few more weeks/months to come into action. The company still working on this Chromebooks feature.

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