Face unlock hopefully comes in Pixel 7

Google may be bringing again the Face unlocks feature in its upcoming release Pixel 7. This Pixel release holds up for one year. For the past few months, everyone hopes that the company brings this feature to the Pixel 6 pro. Mainly this feature plan for Pixel 6 Pro phone because some reference from its image explains that. But Google doesn’t release it yet could be they change their mind. Face unlock is still in the source code but does not come on any Pixel phones. Pixel 7 series phone has an identical camera with Android 13 OS, users may be confusing whether this comes or not because of it.

The face unlock feature will come again in Pixel:

  • This Face unlocks feature when activates boosts the performance of smartphones. The company doesn’t convince with this feature yet so they still working on it.
  • Users hope that this comes in the Pixel 6 series but it’s not. Without any confirmed updates like graphics and official release don’t know when it comes. Maybe the company delivers this feature in its new release because some others have already been released.

The Face unlocks feature is not new for Pixel phones, the previous series still has this feature, but it was slow and not secure like in the Nexus series. We only hope that this feature will come again in the Pixel 7 phone in a new form.

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