Why you will now read about the Pixel 7 Ultra again

The outrageous rumors that Google is planning an Ultra model of its smartphones have been circulating almost every year. Even now you will read something like this more often again.

Whether very well fake leaks, mysterious code names, or actually existing hardware. In the meantime, the Google Pixel Ultra has almost become a tradition and it will be continued this year. Only (probably) again not in the form of a smartphone that you can buy anywhere, but in the form of articles on the relevant industry sites.

A fake leak from a few years ago:

Google Pixel Ultra has a long tradition
This time the reason for this is the discovery of a device in the source code. The device “Lynx” appeared, also stored as L10, which was largely unknown until then. Associated with this codename are very new camera sensors that one would expect from other ultra smartphone manufacturers.

But it is not what it seems at first glance. In any case, no one believes in it who is a little deeper into the topic. As the discoverer himself states, he believes more in an internal test device from Google to test future hardware. He does not suspect a new Google smartphone behind Lynx, which could be called Pixel 7 Ultra.

Google does not install brand new camera hardware in any of its smartphones. This would be too little tested and far too expensive. Exactly this strategy has been a success factor in recent years and the reason why the Pixel camera has always been so outstanding. The software is more important for Google.

Unknown Google hardware with new camera sensors

Since the Lynx has now appeared several times, but not as regularly as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, this speaks even more for an internal test device. Of course, no final conclusion is possible at the moment, but I personally still don’t believe in a Google Pixel Ultra. It also just doesn’t fit into Google’s strategy.

As I said before. I won’t believe in a Google Pixel Ultra until I actually see it. So never?

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