Google checklists and Google Task integration

You can create and edit documents through Google Docs on your web browser PC, laptop, and on your phone. This can be used online as well as offline. Now, in the office, the employee can assign checklists in Google Docs, and that checklist is also available for their colleague’s Google Task list. This checklist company introduces last year to give a Smart canvas push to the Workplace. Checklists are integrated with Google tasks so now you can assign that checklist to your coworkers.

Steps to insert Checklist in a Google Doc:

  • Click on the Bulleted list option in the toolbar located at the top of your document.
  • Select that which you want to add to your list.
  • In the Bulleted list, click the Down option and select the Checkbox. The checkbox is the empty square icon if you’re not familiar with this before.
  • After this your checklist is ready now you can use it in documents.

If you go to the checklist item, you will see the Task icon next to the checkbox. There you can enter the person’s name and due date which appear before in the Google Tasks and link the document. All the task-related things like due date, title, and assign task’s completion status will sync, and update with Google Tasks and the Google Docs checklists.





Facts about this Google tasks and checklists integration:

  • This Checklist and Google task will be fully available to users in the coming weeks.
  • This will be available for users in the workspace, who use G suite basics and Business customers.

This feature of Google Docs is appreciable in the workplace through this team’s productivity and performance increases.

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