Features will see in iPhone 14 Pro‌

Apple will launch its latest series of iPhone 14 on 7 September 2022. This phone comes with iOS 16 which is based on Android 13. From some updates iOS 16’s Lock Screen will directly connect with the iPhone 14 Pro’s and its display is always on. Below mention the features of this phone.

Features you will see in the iPhone 14 Pro:

  • This phone has unique behavior on the lock screen and some important changes on the status bar due to its always-on display.
  • The front design of this phone like has pill-shaped at top of its display instead of two distinct cutouts.
  • Its display will be featuring integration with notifications, the depth effect, and colors of wallpapers.
  • iPhone 14 Pro’s status bar will see changes as a result of the increased amount of usable space at the top of the display. This phone’s moving the cellular signal indicator to the left and re-implementing the full-width battery status bar on the Lock Screen. You will there all notifications also when the device is locked.
  • Lock Screen wallpapers’ background will be removed and fully darkened when the display is set to the always-on mode and the foreground will be dimmed. This foreground will be tinted, and it all depends on the user’s customized settings.
  • To prevent OLED burn-in, widgets will be visible on the always-on display but fade based on intervals.
  • The always-on display is the core element and it customized itself independently.

In this phone, the user can also enable a notification counter at the bottom of the always-on display. The company also plans to launch iOS 16.0.1 or 16.1 after the launch of iPhone 14.

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