Chrome Custom Tabs labeled on Android

Most of the Android apps would use Custom Tabs in-app browsers. When your device running on the Chrome Custom Tab (CCT) so see Google make this more visible. You noticed “Powered by Chrome” at the bottom of the three-dot with Chrome 104 or its earlier version.

In the version of Chrome 105 recently released “Running in Chrome” text from the Custom Tabs along with a logo. The latter element of the logo is the full-color icon, and the monochrome version is less distracting.

This text appears in all apps where Chrome Custom Tabs are used. It is more user-friendly than the previous description. Google advised that developers use Custom Tabs if their app directs people to URLs outside the domain. Users can customize the toolbar with their button and menu items of applications.

It provides support for the same web platform features and capabilities as the browsers. If the user logs in to the same site for so long, then can remain logged in that’s the main advantage of this.

Chrome Custom Tabs labeled on Android

Some major third-party apps like Twitter also use Custom Tabs on Android.  At some point, the search results and the Discover feed of the Google app were experimenting with its built-in browser. But that is not satisfied feature. It will be good if it’s not featured. Now, the Chrome 105 version is not widely available, maybe come in later weeks.

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