Steam on ChromeOS plans to shift from Alpha to Beta testing and more

Now, Google is planning to lead Steam games to ChromeOS from Alpha testing to Beta for enjoying more players. For developing Steam for Chromebook, developers Google and Valve face some difficulties with installing. This proves they need to allow a Chrome flag, open up a special terminal, and enter a complicated command with a passphrase. You all do these settings on compatible devices.

A new aspect of the Chromebooks is set for only Dev-enrolled devices. The advantage that is going to receive is the recent updates. By using both Dev and Canary builds “full time” on my Chromebooks, there are a lot of bugs that will occur same time it forces you to close the system.

Beta updates are defined to check and experience the new features available in the new version but it comes full of bugs and lags. Google is now gearing up to expand Steam on ChromeOS, possibly in the next few weeks.

For now, the Alpha testing is in the beta stage for six months now, the timing certainly seems appropriate.

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