Google launched ChromeOS Beta Tester Hub

It is very helpful if a ChromeOS user has a tool that gives ChromeOS new updates and it’s user-friendly. For a long time, Chrome used several different channels to test the new browser before they released the all. Now, Google released a ChromeOS Beta Tester Hub. The main purpose of this beta tester is to available space for easy-to-view and accessible ChromeOS users.

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With this users will easily know the updates from ChromeOS. Enable public testing will benefit those people who frequently want to know about ChromeOS. It enables the user to share their feedback directly with the company through this platform. So, if need for any change then the ChromeOS Product team will imply it. This update develops on the ChromeOS Beta Tester forum and from Google’s existing system users can easily interact.

On the other hand, higher employees like Google Product Experts will get access to a section with “details about features that are early on in development. The company wants that more people come to sign up for the Tester Hub.

Once you sign up you’ll receive details about how to get swag. For those of you already ChromeOS Beta PEs, we’ll be reaching out to you with swag details.

Lastly, at the beginning of this product release, the company enable around 500 people to sign in and download the latest beta version and experience its feature.

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