ChromeOS will bring background blur in video calling and more

Nowadays, users use video calling to connect with other people, in this caller and receiver see each other while talking. For video calling, there are several apps. In this, ChromeOS is working to blur the background while video calling and improve other features. In the past few years, most of the work done online like office meetings, casual meetings, academic classes, and more. There are some apps which uses for video calling like Google Meet, Zoom, and more.

There are some apps that enhance your video calling experience with change your background with other or blurring it. They also adjust the light intensity in your room. On other hand, in Apple Mac, there is a built-in app which do portrait blur and set the “Center stage” as other camera apps do.

Now, ChromeOS will bring is quite a similar feature to the Mac like blur background while video calling. As per, the below code user can blur the background even in the conference video calling.

Enable VC background blur

Enables background blur feature for video conferencing on Chromebooks.


To develop this maybe they need a machine learning technique, it is only available in the new ChromeOS devices. For now, Google has been working on testing the background blur effect on Chromebooks with 11th Gen and 12th Gen Intel processors. There are some feature comes like “portrait relighting” and “AUTO_FRAMING”.

For all these forthcoming features users should have very good internet speed otherwise can’t experience the essence of these features. This is appreciable that Google focuses that how the importance of quality in video calling.

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