ChromeOS won’t be compatible with the 120Hz Chromebooks

Those devices which have a higher refresh rate have high displays. Some users use the Chromebook with a 120Hz display, and they are amazed by this. But some other features need to be upgraded. The developers of this feature revealed it in the past months. Two gaming-ready Chromebooks include a display with a 120Hz refresh rate. On the other hand, there are still devices that have a 60Hz display.

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Some design their products based on appearance and others increase product performance. Acer and Lenovo both designed their Chromebooks to be as good as possible for cloud gamers. Those devices which have 120Hz have a better display, so when playing video enhances the user experience more.

The 120Hz refresh rate means 120 frames per second which improve the display performance of the device. On the 120Hz refresh rate, ChromeOS runs smoothly. For example, the app drawer and Settings app are all silky smooth, and the world of web apps suddenly feels faster and a bit more premium.

Lastly, the company gives a lot of effort to make Chromebook get a higher refresh rate.

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