Microsoft released PowerToys version 0.65.0

Today, Microsoft released the latest update for its most valuable tool PowerToys. The latest update comes with version number 0.65.0. The main motive of this update is still fixing bugs found in previous versions and optimizing application performance, without introducing too many new features. You can check the complete details of this update below.

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PowerToys version 0.65.0 update highlights:

  • The related code is compatible with .NET 7 after upgrading
  • Quick Accent can now display descriptions for selected characters.
  • ColorPicker now supports adding custom formats.

What’s fixed in PowerToys version 0.65.0:


  • Downgrade ModernWPF dependency to 0.9.4 to avoid issues with some virtualization technologies.
  • Upgraded and fixed the code to be compatible with .NET 7.

[Always on Top] (always on top of the window)

  • Added telemetry for pin/unpin events


  • Added telemetry data
  • Removed Quit Awake option from tray icon on program startup. Utilities launched from the runner should be disabled in settings to avoid discrepancies.

[Color Picker]

  • Fixed infinite loop caused by cyclic UI refresh. (this is a hotfix for 0.64)
  • Added the ability to allow users to create their own color formats.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the space between closed areas to not be applied correctly. (this is a hotfix for 0.64)
  • Prevent pressing the shift key from penetrating down to the focused window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused FancyZones to try to resize hidden windows.
  • Fixed focus layout preview being empty on first run in the editor.
  • Fixed UI margins in the Create New Layout dialog.
  • Fixed window positioning issues when switching between virtual desktops.
  • Fixed hotkey snapping in single zone layouts.

[File Manager Extensions]

  • Added .log file support to the Monaco preview handler.

[File Locksmith]

  • Query system and other user processes when elevated. (this is a hotfix for 0.64)
  • Icon and UI fixes. (this is a hotfix for 0.64)

[Group Policy Object]

  • Removed obsolete dependencies from admx files to fix imports on Intune. (this is a hotfix for 0.64)

[Hosts file editor]

  • Added a scrollbar to the Append Row dialog. (this is a hotfix for 0.64)
  • Updated the plus icon. (this is a hotfix for 0.64)
  • Prevent new entry content dialog from overlapping the title bar.
  • Updated the name of the additional line feature.
  • Fixed an issue where the right-click menu would not open when right-clicking

[Image Resizer]

  • Fixed silent crash on Windows 11 when trying to show the layer 1 context menu.

[PowerToys Run]

  • Added pinyin support for search.
  • Fixed a bug in the TimeZone plugin that prevented searching for standard timezones.
  • Added English abbreviations as a fallback in the UnitConverter plugin.

[Quick Accent]

  • Added mappings for mu, omicron, upsilon, and thorn characters.
  • Added a setting to exclude apps from activating Quick Accent.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the picker to fire when leaving the lock screen.
  • Added Croatian, Dutch, Swedish, and Welsh character sets.
  • Added support for more unicode characters.
  • Shift-space now navigates backward in the picker.
  • Added Catalan accented characters.
  • Added Kurdish accented characters.
  • Added Serbian accented characters.
  • Added Irish and Scottish accent characters.
  • Added a description of the currently selected character in the selector.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the picker window to appear blank.


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using “Settings” to access IPC communication under racing conditions.

[set up]

  • Fixed setting names on the QuickAccent page.
  • Added a message indicating that no networks are available when looking for updates.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the backup/restore function to not find backup files.
  • Fixed localization of “All Apps” expressions on the Keyboard Manager page.
  • UI was refactored, cleaned up and introduced modern controls.
  • Improved Settings/OOBE screen text.
  • The backup/restore function can also back up the FancyZones layout.

[Shortcut Guide]

  • Added a setting to have different configurable response times for shortcuts and tray icons.
  • Due to community feedback, changed the warning about removing the video conferencing mute to enter legacy mode. (This is a hotfix for version 0.64).


  • Add core team description to

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