Google Play bring another family payment option Purchase Requests

The Play Store as of now allows guardians to endorse or decline buys made by kids in their family, and Google is currently adding Buy Solicitations for accounts without a family installment technique.

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Know how it works

If the request is done from the child’s account, then the Purchase Request is sent “directly to the family manager“. After that receives “important information about the app or in-app purchase” on their device. “But you can also view it in an approval request queue to decide later” from within Google Play, these notifications are sent in real-time.

Play Books, Google TV, and subscription purchases cannot be requested for paid apps or in-app purchases (IAPs).

After the purchase is approved then for paying you can use your stored payment methods and Google Play gift cards. “Transactions completed via Purchase Requests will all be available in your Order History,” according to Google. An email will send to both parties to confirm the purchase.

Purchase approval settings, including purchase confirmation emails, apply to purchases made through Google Play’s billing system.

Google Play Purchase Requests also have additional nuances, such as:

  • For family groups with a family payment method added, purchase approvals without a family payment method will not be available.
  • Without permission from the family manager, children will not be able to view or use the payment method.
  • For family groups in which the family manager possesses an Android phone, purchase approvals without a family payment method will be available.

Lastly, this another Purchase Requests option of Google Play helps when any family member for new subscriptions needs permission.

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