Check the Nothing Phone (1) secret codes

As we all know, earlier Nothing Phone 1 have been received Nothing OS 1.5.1 and v1.1.8 updates. These new updates include the Nothing X app will now be available in Nothing OS and some bug fixes.

Recently we made an article in which we shared Nothing Ear (2) high-quality renders and told that Nothing Ear (2) is already spotted on the Indian BIS certification site as the model number B181-1 was spotted ( B181 is the model of nothing ear(1).

So let’s move to today’s topic, as you must have guessed from the title what is in this article. So let’s look at the secret codes of Nothing Phone (1).

NOTHING Phone (1) hidden features

  • By using this special code in NOTHING Phone (1) *#06# you can check your NOTHING Phone (1) IMEI number.
  • Calendar *#*#225#*#* – On this page, you can check your events in the calendar and some other information that is saved on your NOTHING Phone (1) phone.
  • By typing this special code in NOTHING Phone (1) *#6776# you can check your NOTHING Phone (1) software information like Android version, kernel version, Branch and other software parameters.
  • By entering this special code in NOTHING Phone (1) *#888# you can enter Engineer Mode.
  • Feedback *#800# – Here you can give feedback by recording the video with the issue of your GPS, LAG, etc. You can also send suggestions to Oppo for example which modules are very nice and others need to be fixed or upgraded.
  • Maximum SAR Level *#07# – On the screen will show the SAR level. It’s a Specific Absorption Rate.
  • Open Phone Dialer and enter *#1234# to check the Firmware Version of your NOTHING Phone (1).

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