OnePlus hinted its OnePlus V Fold and V Flip and announced Featuring 81 keyboard Pro

According to the latest report, World’s First Keyboard with an “Alert Slider” which is used to switch between USB or wireless mode.

Two Kinds of switches:

  • “Winter Bonfire”: Keycaps are double-shot, with an OEM profile and made of plastic.
  • “Summer Breeze”: It features “brand new material” called “Marble-mallow.”
  • Marble-mallow keycaps are a patented thermoplastic elastomer to produce a springy bounce with each press for more comfort.


  • Marble-Mallow keycaps
  • Aluminum-crafted lightweight body design
  • Programmable Rotary Dial
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Charging time: Around 5 hours
  • Wireless and Wired both with
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Keyboard Holder
  • South-facing RGB lights
  • Mac/Windows/Linux compatibility

Customizable features

  • Hot-swappable functionality:
  • Lets users change switches for unique personalization.
  • Open-source firmware like QMK and VIA.

Dark grey and Light grey colors and will be available starting April 2023.

The OnePlus V Fold and OnePlus V Flip monikers have already been trademarked by the brand and their testing has been started in many countries including Europe. The latest devices coming in Q3, 2023.

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