Pixel 7 series owners now face a volume button fell off

Pixel series launched by Google every year has some or other hardware problems which give a lot of trouble to the owners of these phones. Google launched the Pixel 7 series last year. For some time after its launch, there was no complaint regarding this phone, but for the last 1 month, its problems are not stopping.

Recently, several users reported that the rear camera lens of their Pixel 7/7 Pro was cracked for no apparent reason. Google did not give any concrete answer to this and now another problem has surrounded the owners of the Pixel 7 series. Some users have reported that the volume buttons on the side of their Pixel 7/7 Pro are falling off on their own.

Android Central reports that a Pixel 7 Pro user named Nicolas Sutrich took his Pixel 7 Pro out of his pocket when he wanted to take a picture while walking in the jungle, only to find that the side volume buttons were glued to the phone’s screen, not their place.

Nicolas Sutrich says he loves his Pixel 7 Pro and uses it mostly at home and Nicolas Sutrich says he sometimes takes pictures with his Pixel 7 Pro. Not only Nicolas Sutrich is facing this problem but many other users are also facing this problem. From the looks of it, the workmanship of the Pixel 7 series is pretty much crap.

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