Tesla recall for all electric cars with Autopilot beta: Related to FSD Software

The majority of Tesla recalls are not recalled at all at least not in the narrow sense that necessitating a visit to the workshop is required to resolve the issue. As wireless software updates are available for most modern electric vehicles. This is also true for the most recent Tesla recall in the United States, which was announced recently by the NHTSA. Despite this, it is hot because it directly affects how the autopilot system’s disputed Tesla FSD beta software Tesla FSD beta software for the autopilot system works.

Tesla’s “coming weeks” update:

According to Tesla data from the end of January, the FSD software is available to approximately 400,000 customers in the United States and Canada. It applies to vehicles, namely 362,758 Model 3, Model Y, and Model S as stated in a document from the (NHTSA), and Model X. All vehicles that have the FSD option for extended autopilot capabilities are said to be potentially affected. Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims that they all have had access to the beta test of the software of the same name since November 2022.

The software recall was titled “Full Self-Driving Software Can Cause Accidents” by the NHTSA. According to the description, the FSD system can allow the vehicle to behave in an unsafe manner at intersections.

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Specific errors include driving straight ahead in a turning lane and not stopping completely at stop signs. Entering the vehicle carelessly despite yellow traffic lights. There is a possibility that the system will not respond appropriately to speed limit signs. May there need to the driver’s speed adjustments.

According to Tesla’s confirmation letter from the NHTSA, this could lead to illegal or unpredictable behavior at intersections, such as speeding without permission. As most Tesla recalls, the solution is a software update until November 2022. This should be distributed “in the coming weeks,”. According to the longer “Safety Recall Report,” a formulation reminiscent of Elon Musk’s statements regarding new FSD capabilities and functions.

Increased danger from FSD maneuvers

Additionally, the recall report reveals that Tesla and the NHTSA disagree. The company apparently wrote the report, with the agency publishing it alone. The problem descriptions are slightly different from those in the NHTSA summary. This appears to refer to Tesla’s recall report.

Tesla was informed of the potential issues with Autopilot and FSD. In the areas described by the NHTSA toward the end of January. The two sides held several meetings at which Tesla suggestions for enhancing wireless communication. The company decided on February 7 to initiate a voluntary recall solely as a precaution.


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