Pixel 7 missing the latest 5G standard, might get in Android 14

The 3GPP is the main key for developing mobile broadband standards and as we know that 5G is currently the most demanding topic. Now, according to the latest information, Google Pixel 7 is missing the latest 5G standard and on the older 3GPP Release 15 compared to other available phones.

To recall, Release 15 was launched in June of 2018 as the first 5G standard. In 2020, Release 16 was landed, which Qualcomm added support for with the Snapdragon X65 in 2021 and last year’s X70 modem (as found on the Galaxy S23). In June 2022 Release 17 was launched in Release 18 is expected to arrive in 2024. Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon X75 with Release 17 and 18 support earlier this month.)

Qualcomm described Release 16 as bringing a “plethora of enhancements to the foundational aspects of the 5G system, in terms of coverage, capacity, latency, power, mobility, reliability, ease of deployment, and more.” Of particular note in the “second 5G standard” are power-saving features:

For instance, a new wakeup signal (WUS) can let the device know if a transmission is pending or allowing it to stay in low-power mode, skipping the next low-power DRX (discontinuous reception) monitoring period. Others include optimized low-power settings, overhead reduction, and more efficient power control mechanisms.

5G standard

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