Google touts Pixel phones’ high value

Google said a few days ago that it would be making more Pixel-exclusive features available for other Android phones, as well as launching a new “Pixel Value” campaign. That does not add up. Yet, it is underlined that Pixel phones have a high value for users or customers, and this is where the value rests.

The Pixel phones are the only “Google-designed” phones on the market, according to the new campaign. “Made for everyone,” they say. Customers are not required to buy new phones on a regular basis because new features are regularly shipped, with a Pixel Feature Drop appearing every quarter.

“Unlike other smartphones, Pixel is built to last because it’s designed for updates. New features are sent to your phone every few months – for the camera, battery and more – without taking up much space and before other Android devices get them .”

This promise’s final point is exciting. Because Google clearly states that the new features will be available for Google smartphones before they are available on any other Android phones. Several advances will also not be available on other devices since they rely on the Tensor chipset.

Google also highlights the high level of compatibility, citing Garmin timepieces, Galaxy and AirPod headphones as examples. The camera, which reliably captures good photographs from the wrist so that the user may “concentrate on the moment,” is also a key element that I cannot emphasize enough.

It also highlights how simple it is to upgrade from another phone to a Google Pixel. “Change to Pixel”. This also works quite well thanks to Google Cloud, which provides new customers with 15 GB of free storage. Even WhatsApp can be simply transferred, and services like Nearby Sharing and Google Messages are highlighted.

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