Pixel Fold get captured while on New York subway

Some clicks have revealed that the Pixel Fold phone spotted on the New York subway…..!! Well, the new Pixel Fold foaming unbroken circumstances is in controversy. One of the Reddit users captured took four photos of the device. Three of them are blurred beyond recognition, but a single shot shows that this Pixel Fold phone.

Pixel Fold spotted on the New York subway

In the opinion of the poster, the guy held covered the folding phone is a Google employee. The fact that this concerns the Pixel Fold can be deduced, among other things, from the striking black edges, which we also saw reflected in the renders.

The rumors speak of a 4700 mAh battery and the phone might be shown during Google I/O. This is scheduled for May 10, it was announced this week. The Pixel Fold is expected to have a 7.57-inch folding screen on the inside. On the outside, the Google Pixel Fold would have a 5.78-inch screen.


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