Better speakers on the Pixel 7 Pro since the update?

These days, Google is releasing a new update for the Pixel phones, and occasionally there are upgrades that aren’t even listed anywhere. The audio balance on the Pixel 7 Pro could have been adjusted.

However, a few users have reported noticing a change after updating to Android 13 QPR2. Now the speakers are more compatible with one another. As they are positioned differently and have separate resonance spaces, this is actually not that simple.

Google may have included enhancements in the Pixel update, but nothing specifically mentions them

I’ve only been using the beta version, so I can’t offer any additional opinions. I didn’t really notice anything difference, though. You are invited to get in touch with us and share your thoughts in the comments.

Significant Speakers change for P7 Pro after [March Update]
by u/insidekb in GooglePixel

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