Tesla Model 3 Shows Incredible Safety in Video of Tree Crushing

Recently, a severe storm in California left a path of devastation, with downed trees damaging homes and automobiles. In the middle of the confusion, a large tree in Portola Valley unintentionally targeted a Tesla Model 3 in the area. The Model 3’s strong roof and windscreen structure protected the car’s occupants from injury despite the serious damage.

The enormous size and weight of the tree are revealed in photos posted by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office on Twitter, highlighting the importance of the Model 3’s performance in the incident. These accidents serve as a warning to motorists to steer clear of dangerous weather whenever feasible.

The picture is very similar to the terrifying event that was caught on camera when a windstorm swept over a tree directly onto a Model 3 (see video below). The people inside made it out safely. The poster writes: in the description of the uploaded video.

Large section of an old tree fell directly on my car, right above the driver’s seat… The footage is from the dash cam of the car behind us. We all walked away… thank you, higher powers and Tesla engineers.

The Value of Strong Roofs in Vehicle Safety

The 2022 Model 3’s roof, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), can withstand a mind-boggling 20,835 lbs of force. Passengers are crucially protected by this sturdy roof structure from rollover and tree-falling incidents. The strength-to-weight ratio, or the force applied in relation to the weight of the vehicle, is tested for the IIHS roof strength. A minimum strength-to-weight ratio of 4 is necessary for a “good” ranking. The extraordinary 5.85 ratio of the Tesla Model 3 exceeds this standard.

In order to maintain occupant survival space after a rollover, roof strength is essential. Injuries from contact with the roof are less common since stronger roofs are less prone to collapse. Moreover, they aid in preventing ejections through shattered or cracked windows, windscreens, or doors brought on by roof deformation.

The performance of the Tesla Model 3 in this tree-crushing catastrophe demonstrates the car’s outstanding safety features and the company’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding its occupants. Model 3 is a shining illustration of how safety enhancements can significantly impact situations in the real world as EV technology develops. Tesla’s commitment to safety and engineering excellence provides drivers with a sense of security and peace of mind while they are behind the wheel as they navigate an uncertain environment filled with challenges that are both natural and man-made.

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