Google Camera 8.8 update the zoom bar on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

The Pixel 6 and Pro now have faster Night Sight and work on the Pixel 8 Pro is revealed in the most recent version of Google Camera. Additionally, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro’s zoom UI is improved in Google Camera 8.8. The zoom bar on the Pixel 7 series is different from that on other Google smartphones.

The Pixel 6’s rather unassuming UI can be seen on the left in the comparison below. It’s nothing more than a line and a circular scrubber head with the exact increment. The Pixel 7/Pro introduced a more detailed user interface (center), with an oblong pill that uses dots to indicate the available and min/max increments.

An excessively large circle atop indicates the current zoom level in Google Camera. The container consumes the digits because they are a little bit too small.


Google Camera 8.8

Google Camera 8.8 introduces line and tick marks that look like rulers and even the markings on a real DSLR lens. In the meantime, the Dynamic Color theming zoom level is now larger and no longer contained within a circle.

At last, adaptation 8.8 of Google Camera with this new zoom UI for the Pixel 7 isn’t yet generally carried out in the Play Store.

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