Apple plans to release the MR headset in H2 2023: 1 Million units goal in a year

Accoridng to the Bloomberg report, iPhone smartphone maker Apple is looking to launch the first-generation MR headset at the World Developers Conference ( WWDC ) to be held in June 2023.

Apple is working for a long time and back in 2018, Apple held an MR headset demonstration for executives every year. As source noted that the earlier test was not come up publically and now the new demonstrations were held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, implying that the product release was imminent.

The upcoming product is said to be more stylish, colorful, and interesting, but many executives are looking at Apple’s entry into the MR headset market with a realistic view. Since the market itself is still in its infancy, Apple’s MR headset release is evaluated as a riskier attempt compared to existing products such as Mac, iPod, and iPhone even within Apple.

Apple logo 2023

Furthermore, the headset is priced as high as around $3,000. The battery is externally mounted and needs to be replaced every few hours, and we received feedback from some testers that the design was inconvenient. At the time of the release of the first-generation headset, it seems that the media content available through the product will be limited.

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