Tesla Model X looked into in the US over safety belt won’t work

Tesla’s Model X is in major trouble. After receiving two complaints that the front seat belts were failing, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States is initiating an investigation into 50,000 Tesla Model X automobiles.

This is a preliminary evaluation at this point, and it applies to vehicles manufactured in 2022 and 2023. According to bureaucratic jargon, “reports of failures of the front seat belt to remain connected to the seat belt anchor pretensioner while driving” prompted the investigation to begin.

That sounds like a significant safety issue, which is probably why this investigation was likely initiated after only two reports. Although neither of the incidents they were involved in resulted in a collision, the questionable vehicles’ anchor linkages were not sufficiently connected.

Naturally, the goal here is to exercise the utmost caution to prevent casualties and even fatalities in the event of a similar issue in the future.

The description of one of the two complaints can be found here. The Tesla Model X is referred to moving at around 10 to 15 mph and the auto-stopping mechanism was initiated when the driver’s entryway on a huge truck left on the road opened suddenly. Good so far, right?

However, the complainant stated the following: My upper body swung forward during the sudden acceleration, and the weight of my body caused the seat belt anchor on the lower seat to completely detach.

Tesla Model X

Before requesting a recall, the NHTSA must decide whether to upgrade a preliminary evaluation like this one to an engineering analysis.

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