What’s new in the March 2023 Google Play System Update?

Recently, Google released some important software updates for their products such as Pixel phones, Pixel Watch and some others. Google also released the March 2023 Google Play System update. But the question is what’s new in the March 2023 Google Play System update?

As usual, a lot of bug fixes and under-the-hood changes that don’t impact users. Here are the modules (and their version codes) that were updated:

  • AdServices: 331418100
  • Cell Broadcast: 331510000
  • Media: 331511000
  • Media Codecs: 331511000
  • Media Provider: 331512020
  • Statsd: 331511000
  • Permission Controller: 331512020
  • DNS Resolver: 331512000
  • Tethering: 331511000
  • WiFi: 331511020

AOSP tags corresponding to all but AdServices are available

  • Cell Broadcast has been updated to “support Ukraine requirement” (play National Alerts and Emergency Alerts regardless of whether DND is on). It also supports emergency alerts in Norway, and if your ringer is set to mute, alerts won’t sound.
  • DNSResolver adds support for using Google’s DNS64 as the DoH provider.
  • Photo Picker adds support for syncing width, height, and orientation fields from the external db; and handling local + cloud items in cloud albums.

Check the full changelog/details here.

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