Google may bring loud sound alerts for Pixel phones in At a Glance

If focuses on Pixel Phones feature they already provide cough and snore detection when the user sleep and also an always-on feature. At present, Google is working on adding loud sound alerts in At a Glance.

In Pixel 7 phone there is a version(T.23) of Android System Intelligence which able to alert when sound is over the limit and save from hearing-damaging sound.

<string name=”echo_smartspace_loud_sound_alert_toggle_title”>Loud sound alert</string>

This alert appears in At a Glance on the phone’s lock screen and at the top of the Pixel Launcher to notify decrease the volume. This feature has also been present in the Apple watch for several years.

Pixel Phone's loud sound alerts

This kind of health capability developed Google’s other audio features. Pixel Phones bring before the to find songs that are playing in the background using an on-device database. At night with the help of the Google Clock app, you can listen to the coughs and snores. While, the Recorder app can tag speech, other sounds, and music.

Pixel Phone's loud sound alerts-2

Some updating to T.23 of ASI, so the Loud sound is not yet live. With this version, you know more about the Pixel launcher search shortcuts to join Google, YouTube, Maps, Play Store, settings, and contacts.

Lastly, if talk about the modifications, now at At a Glance settings list and introduced new icons reordered by Google.

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