Elon Musk: Tesla FSD 11.4 must known as 12.0, more enhancements

Elon Musk brings several updates to the Tesla FSD beta v11.4 and soon users will receive it. He also explained that because it has several updates so it should be called Tesla FSD Beta v12.

In addition, he said that they added an end-to-end AI system in real FSD 12 along with an end-to-end AI system of vehicle seeing, braking, and acceleration output.

Previously FSD Beta v11.4 performed well in the test and but at the random address in Austin it can achieve zero safety-critical intervention. They included these features pedestrian recognition and response capabilities, responsiveness to unsafe road users, weather-adapted speed control capabilities, and others too.

Now this recent version of FSD released in North America and for AP users subscription fee is 199 US dollars per month and for EAP upgrade is 99 US dollars. Tesla regularly releases th software updates for the FSD, last year they launched a beta version for 400,000 Tesla owners.

Finally, when this version will come to the users is not clear yet but it will come soon.

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