Galaxy S23 will get 2x portrait option and next software update

This February Samsung released its amazing camera performance phone series Galaxy S23. This phone has Camera Assistant and Expert Raw and more but still 2x magnification in the portrait is not present and soon it will come.

To improve the Galaxy S23 series camera performance the company already released an update. They working on an update that enhances the low-light photography and it will fix the HDR halo effect. The company also plans to add a 2x Zoom option to Galaxy S23’s camera app portrait mode.

Galaxy S23 will get a 2x zoom option in portrait mode

In Galaxy S23’s portrait mode now only 1x and 3x zoom options. With the 1x zoom option, it uses the primary camera for photos whether in 3x mode it uses the telephoto camera. In both options, the photo gets too zoomed in or too zoom out so to solve this issue the company brings the 2x option which gives a balanced zooming option.

This feature could crop the camera’s frame when it will be added to the portrait camera mode.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Finally, this feature will come later this month. When it is released for S23 it may possible it could come for S22 and others too.

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