For Windows PCs Android’s Nearby Share now available widely

Android’s Nearby Share is available in the Android 6+ OS version. Now Google brings Android’s Nearby Share to Windows PCs. This feature is now widely rolled out.

This feature enables Windows PCs to share and get flies from nearby Android menus, you can use this feature on your desktop or laptop, wireless also. Most of us need to transfer our files from Android phones to PCs some documents or photos now with this feature it will do quickly.

Android Nearby Share is reliable and fast, now it’s in beta but it can transfer files quickly. In the previous days of this feature launch, it was only available in the US but now it is available globally. They include support for this on their support page for other regions which enables it for all.

It is available now in Europe, other countries and others also. Before some users can easily access this feature but some did not because of support issues now they can use it.

Nearby Share Beta for Windows PCs is available in the US and most countries globally. Support is currently not available for the following: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

Finally, currently, Nearby Share for Windows is in its beta and others still won’t be available.

Android's Nearby Share

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