Xiaomi released Spes kernel source code after 1 year

Xiaomi typically releases the kernel source code for their new devices within weeks/ months. But now it seems it DOES NOT care about Mi Code which is against GPL License & Xiaomi Violates it continuously.

Releasing the kernel source code is required due to the Linux kernel’s GPL license, which requires any modifications made to the kernel to be released as open source.

Redmi Note 11/ NFC codenamed as spes/spesn was released Globally on 26th January 2022. Now in May 2023 (after 1 year and 3 months) they have released the kernel source code for it.

Brands like Google and Samsung release it timely. Xiaomi has NOT even released the kernel code for Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G/ 11 E Pro codenamed Veux which was also released in January 2022.

Users are opening Petitions and issues on GitHub in Mi Kernel Open_Source and Xiaomi as usual DOES NOT care. Maybe because Xiaomi only wants to sell more smartphones by rebranding them to make money.

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