iPhone and Android users can’t text each other because of bug

iPhone and Android users can’t be able to text each other because of the strange bug. As per the update come on Reddit, when an Android user message an iPhone user in the phone number this bug attaches more digit.

This issue first-time effect on the AT&T phone of Android users. In iPhone, when the user composing the text there + plus sign is added at the start of the phone number. The + sign makes understand to the network company that these messages coming from an international phone number.

When incoming messages come from the Android Messaging app the text divides into its text thread. On the other hand, to respond to this thread from my iPhone it showed message sending is failed. When users try to reply to a new message it put them into the same three while they can respond to other messages.

iPhone and Android users

On Reddit, with the below text, users explain their issue

I went to text my best friend this morning, and the message went through in our usual text thread. For context, she is an android user. When she responded it, it started a new thread with her number and a plus sign at the beginning. When I respond to it, I get an invalid number error, but she still receives the text. If I text her in our normal thread, she receives it too. But all her responses come from a number that is invalid.

Another user

I’ve had my phone for a year now and haven’t had any issues texting with Androids until today. Even just yesterday I was texting one of my friends and it was acting perfectly normal. Today when I texted her I received her response from a number that was her number but spaced out in an odd way (the last digit in the area code was lumped in with the rest of her number.) Anytime I text that chat window back, I receive an immediate error message saying invalid number, but when I text in our original conversation it’ll go through. Essentially my texts to her and her texts to me are showing up in two different chat windows.

At last, currently, this is not clear what the cause of this bug is. It may be possible it is in-network or another reason. In the coming weeks, the fix will come.

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