Google Pixel Tablet undeclared black shade

On May 10, Google declared its Pixel Tablet which will come in four colors. Now they bring Pixel Tablet in Black shade. This Tablet will release on June 20.

Now, users can pre-order Pixel Tablet in Porcelain (beige), Rose (light pink), and Hazel (dark green) colors. Porcelain and Rose color come with the white frame. The other Hazel color comes with a more slimming black perimeter with a dark green rear.

The last one which has the same black bezel paired with a dark gray case looks like Charcoal. The company won’t declare this black Pixel Tablet they are still planning. Those who are dark color in electronic devices like Hazel color. However, this is not confirmed yet, the company could make a new Charging Speaker Dock color, like the Porcelain tablet that came with the Rose stand.

For the fourth color hazel dock is the suffice. One more thing, Google did not disclose that they will make a case for the Pixel Tablet black shade. Pixel Tablet will be available to purchase on June 20 in 11 countries like Canada, the UK, France, the US, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Japan, and Australia.

Pixel Tablet 2

Lastly, this Pixel Tablet price is $499 for 128GB, and $100 more for the $256GB Pixel Tablet not available in Rose color.

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