MagSafe magnetic charger in new color

With Apple MagSafe magnetic charger, iPhone users can charge their iPhone as wireless power transfer and accessory attachment. Recently, Apple MagSafe magnetic charger comes appeared in new color as per Kosutami who popular Apple product collector.

As per Kosutami, the design of this charger is quite similar to the previous charging cable like MacBook, though the new color is attractive.

In the coming weeks, more information related to this new MagSafe magnetic charger will come. The prototype images of this charger are not revealed yet.

The MagSafe magnetic charger is corresponding to Apple’s Lighting charging base, with a hinged style. This charger was first time introduced on October 13, 2020, for iPhone 12  series. It charges iPhones with magnetic power transmission standard.

This charger offered up to 15W of charging capacity and is backward support with the Qi standard.

Magsafe magnetic charger

At last, Qi-enabled then with this charger Android phones, and other devices can charge.

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