Google Services new update could removed earlier synced contacts

For Android phones, Google recently released the new Google Play Services update. This update is not supported by the synced contacts and the contacts disappear from the phone. When a user updates their phone with new Google Play Services with version 23.20 then previously synced contacts disappear.

It creates an issue with who switches their phone with another. This issue happens when the user disabled the Google Contacts sync from the phone’s settings. Before, when a user disables contacts synced it shows on the device even those contacts that the user adds later. But if the user’s contact list won’t sync when they sign in to the other device.

In the new update, when the user turned off the contact sync then earlier synced contacts were removed from the devices.

These contacts are still available in the Google account and users can access them from there user can restore their Google Contacts when they turned on the contact sync. For turning on the contact sync user needs to go to Settings >Accounts>Google Account>Contacts>More button>Sync now. Then your Contact will sync.

Google Play Services

Lastly, in the coming weeks, Google will release the fix for this issue.

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