Android Auto updates causing connectivity issues and random disconnections for some users

Recent updates to Android Auto have introduced a new set of challenges for some users, resulting in difficulties connecting to the system or experiencing random disconnections. While the initial buzz surrounding the “Coolwalk” update has subsided, these recent updates have created frustration for certain individuals.

Over the past couple of weeks, numerous reports on Reddit threads and Google’s support forums have highlighted problems with Android Auto connections affecting a significant number of users. Two distinct issues have emerged from these reports.

The first problem revolves around Android Auto users encountering difficulties in establishing a proper connection between their phones and the car’s display. Instead of launching the platform as expected, users are confronted with a persistent “Looking for Android Auto” notification, indicating a failed connection attempt. This issue persists regardless of whether the connection is wired or wireless.

Initially identified in early May, this problem has persisted across several subsequent updates, including Android Auto versions 9.4, 9.5, and 9.6. Some users have reported success in reverting back to Android Auto version 9.3 as a temporary workaround.

Constant Disconnections – Tried Everything
by u/MrMarauders in AndroidAuto

Persistent Pixel 7 Android Auto Connection Issue (feat. Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter)
by u/badjammers in AndroidAuto

In addition to the connection failures, more recent updates have resulted in random disconnections during Android Auto usage. Users have reported instances where the platform works smoothly for a period of time, only to unexpectedly disconnect at random intervals. This problem appears to be more prevalent with wired connections. Interestingly, one user discovered that switching to a Motorola MA1 wireless adapter largely resolved the disconnection issue.

Unfortunately, connectivity issues and occasional bugs are not uncommon with Android Auto, and they are typically addressed in subsequent versions. While Google has not yet confirmed a specific fix for these problems, it is advisable to stick with a version of Android Auto that is currently working well for you. Alternatively, users can also consider trying the latest updates as they become available, in the hope that these updates will address the connectivity and disconnection issues.

As always, it is essential to stay informed about official announcements from Google regarding fixes or updates related to Android Auto. The Android Auto community remains hopeful that a solution will be provided promptly, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted in-car infotainment experience for all users.

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