Chrome’s enhanced customization tool facilitates theme selection, streamlining the process

Google Chrome has introduced a revamped customization tool, empowering users to easily personalize their browsing experience with themes. This new theming and customization tool is now accessible through a convenient side panel menu within Chrome.

While choosing wallpapers and themes has become a breeze on our smartphones, the desktop version of Chrome has lacked a similarly streamlined approach until recently. The latest update introduces a sleek side panel menu that offers a range of options to customize Chrome’s color scheme and the background image displayed in new tabs.

While the options themselves have not undergone any significant additions, the manner in which they are presented has changed. Users can still select from a variety of predefined color sets or opt for preset themes that encompass an image along with complementary hues. Notably, this new setup draws attention to art collections regularly added to Chrome, showcasing works that celebrate various cultures. The artwork featured in the theming menu is truly captivating and shouldn’t be missed.

In addition to these customization tools, users can also modify the shortcuts that appear (if any) and choose which cards are displayed on the new tab page upon opening.

Unfortunately, the customize page within the side panel is currently only accessible when opening new tabs. While this update makes it easier to access and integrates customization more seamlessly into Google Chrome, it would be desirable to have the option available regardless of the website being visited.

All in all, the new customize Chrome feature functions exceptionally well and brings a heightened level of user-centricity to the browsing experience.

How to customize Google Chrome’s theme

  1. In Google Chromeopen a new tab.
  2. Click the side panel button.
    • Tip: The button is next to your profile photo.
  3. Hit the dropdown menu and choose Customize Chrome.
  4. Choose a color pairing or hit Change theme.
    • Tip: You can choose your own color and select the eyedropper tool to select a color from your screen.
  5. Upload a photo or choose from any image collection.
    • Tip: Some collections have a “refresh daily” option, which will cycle out the artwork.

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