Android 14 Beta 3 personalize lockscreen clocks, shortcuts to Pixel

Google soon release its next stable version of the operating system Android 14. Now, they release Android 14 Beta 3, which brings personalization lockscreen clocks and shortcuts live for Pixel Phones. These lock screen options are live now. At Google I/O 2023, this Android 14 feature is announced.

This update brings a new design for the Lock Screen and Home Screen which is placed at the top. Below the preview, you can easily find the Clock color & size. In Android 14 Beta 3, there are nine lockscreen clocks, like the previous one and others have different font options.

Moreover, this new Android version lets the user choose the size option and the color option from the Dynamic COlor palette with an additional adjustment slider provided. Several options are based on the Material  You-style analog clock with 3/6/9/12. In one design there time is placed at the top left corner. In others, the day and date are displayed showed vertically on the left edge next to the current weather condition, and temperature on the other side.

Android 14's new lock screen personalization

With this update, the user also can choose the left and right Shortcuts which show below the wallpaper picker. In this shortcut feature there are several options like Mute, Do not Disturb, Wallet, and Device control(Home). Flashlight. QR code scanner, Camera and Video Camera, and more.

There are more options for the Lock screen like Show notifications on the Lock Screen and More Lock screen options.

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