Google released June 2023 Google System update

As we delve into the first week of the new month, Google is set to roll out a series of Google System Updates to enhance the Android user experience on our devices. This update encompasses several noteworthy innovations across various categories, with a particular focus on introducing foldable support for Google Pay and bolstering the functionality of the “Find My Device” feature. You can check the complete release notes which are mentioned below.

Google Play System June 2023 Release Notes:

Account Management

  • [Phone] New alerts and recommendations to secure your Google Account.[6]

Device Connectivity

  • [Auto, PC, Phone, TV, Wear] Bug fixes for Device Connections related services.[2]

Google Play Store

  • [Phone] Updates to search result and ad formats for app-specific search queries.[5]
  • [Phone] Improved ads loading latency on Home Page.[7]
  • [Phone] On select search results, you can now see key app and game highlights from what users are saying in their reviews.[7]

Security & Privacy

  • [Phone] Enhancing Fido UI on Android Platform.[4]


  • [Phone] New developer features for Google and third party app developers to support Utilities related processes in their apps.[2]


  • [Phone] Gpay support for foldable devices.[6]
  • [Phone] Control to Opt-out of fun animations after you complete a payment or use a pass.[6]
  • [Phone] With the new dynamic Google Pay button, users of your application can see details of the last used card directly on the button surface.[4]

System Management

  • [TV] A reminder dialog for pending system updates has been added.[6]
  • [Auto, PC, Phone, TV, Wear] Updates to system management services that improve Network Usage and Stability.[2]
  • [Phone] Adding HaTS Survey.[4]

[2]Available through Google Play services v23.23 updated on 06/14/2023

[4]Available through Google Play services v23.24 updated on 06/21/2023

[5]Available through Google Play Store v36.1 updated on 06/5/2023

[6]Available through Google Play services v23.22 updated on 06/7/2023

[7]Available through Google Play Store v36.3 updated on 06/19/2023

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